What Is an Indigo Child? 9 Incredible Signs to Identify!

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Much like the rapid evolution of technology, the COMPLEX NATURE of humans keeps growing and changing day by day.

Out of these growing and changing natures, the really interesting one that has sparked curiosity and got people talking is the idea of the “Indigo Child.”

This term often pops up in conversations about spirituality, psychology, and what it means to be human.

But what does the Indigo Child mean, exactly? Are they just part of some new spiritual idea, or is there something more to it?

Today, we are going to dig deep into “What is an Indigo Child” and how you can identify them.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What Is an Indigo Child?
What Is an Indigo Child?

What Is an Indigo Child?

Indigo Children is a concept proposed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and popularized by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

It revolves around individuals who possess unique and spiritually advanced qualities. They’re often seen as sensitive, challenging norms, and frequently labeled as misfits.

Indigos are associated with a deep desire for social change and are seen as part of a large group of spiritually gifted individuals, including Crystal and Rainbow Children.

While controversial, the idea of Indigo Children suggests a different kind of human experience characterized by heightened sensitivity, innate wisdom, and a strong desire for positive societal change.

9 Unique Signs of Indigo Children

Ever find yourself viewing the world through a different lens?

Maybe you frequently challenge societal rules and norms more than those around you.

These tendencies could be the indicators that you are an Indigo Child.

Here are nine unique signs that might resonate with you! 

Indigo Children Have Strong Intuition

Indigo Children possess a remarkable ability to understand things deeply and intuitively. They have an EXTRA SENSE that allows them to grasp concepts and situations beyond the surface level.

Their perceptive nature allows them to CATCH small cues and details that others might miss. This means they can sense emotions, motives, and even the unspoken thoughts of those around them.

It’s like having a sixth sense that helps them deal with the COMPLEXITIES of human interactions and the world around them.

Image via Gustavo Fring

Indigo Children Are Strong-Willed and Independent

These children are known for their strong determination and independence.

When they believe in something, they won’t easily be swayed by others’ opinions.

It is because they have a sense of self-assuredness that empowers them to follow their own path and make their own decisions.

Isn’t that awesome?

This strong will can sometimes come across as stubbornness, but it’s rooted in their confidence and conviction.

This independent spirit often leads them to explore new ideas and pave their own way.

Indigos Are Empathetic and Sensitive to Others’ Emotions

Indigo Children are really good at understanding and caring about how others feel – they possess an exceptional ability to feel and understand the emotions of those around them.

When someone is sad, they might feel a DEEP SADNESS in themselves. This sensitivity allows them to connect with others on a deeper level, and so they offer genuine support – a rare trait in the world where duplicity often succeeds.

They’re the ones who can provide comfort and a listening ear, even when words are left unspoken.

This empathy isn’t just about understanding; it’s about genuinely feeling what others feel.

Their sensitivity helps create a STRONG SENSE of compassion and connection, making them remarkable companions in both joyful and challenging times.

Image via Keira Burton

Indigos Challenge Authorities and Societal Norms

Indigo Children possess a distinct quality that often sets them apart: they’re not content with accepting things at face value.

They have a natural inclination to QUESTION authority and CHALLENGE societal norms. This isn’t about causing trouble for its own sake; rather, it arises from their desire to seek the truth and create a better world.

When they ENCOUNTER rules or traditions that don’t make sense, they’re not afraid to question them and consider different points of view.

This tendency to question can lead to valuable innovations, shaking up the status for the greater good.

Indigo Children Are Creative and Imaginative

Indigo Children are often bursting with creativity and imagination.

They have a unique way of looking at the world, which allows them to see possibilities and connections that others might ignore.

Their minds are constantly generating new concepts, stories, and solutions.

This creativity isn’t limited to artistic pursuits; it also extends to problem-solving and thinking outside the box.

Their imaginative nature allows them to bring fresh perspectives to everyday situations, infusing life with amazement.

Image via Tatiana Syrikova

Indigos Have a Strong Connection to Spirituality

Spirituality holds a significant place in the lives of Indigo Children.

They often feel a strong connection to things beyond the MATERIAL WORLD. This doesn’t necessarily mean they follow a specific religious path; it just points to their awareness of something greater than themselves.

They might be drawn to CONTEMPLATING the mysteries of life, exploring concepts of purpose, and seeking an understanding of the universe.

This connection to spirituality can provide them with a sense of,

  • Comfort
  • Purpose
  • Guidance

They seem to have a NATURAL SENSE that guides them through life challenges, often leading them to try activities like meditation, mindfulness, or self-discovery.

Indigos Often Feel like Outsiders in Conventional Settings

Indigo Children often experience a distinct feeling of NOT FITTING into regular or traditional environments.

It’s not because they want to be different on purpose; it’s just that how they THINK and SEE the world is different from what most people consider normal.

They might find it challenging to engage with their friends or in activities that don’t align with their interests and values.

This sense of being an outsider can sometimes bring about feelings of isolation or loneliness.

However, it’s important to note that this feeling isn’t a NEGATIVE TRAIT; it’s a reflection of their unique perspective and the depth of their individuality.

Indigo Children Display Wisdom Beyond Their Years

Indigo Children frequently demonstrate a level of wisdom that seems surprisingly advanced for their age.

They’re not limited by their years of experience; they possess an inherent understanding of complex concepts and a MATURE OUTLOOK of life.

This wisdom often translates into their ability to offer guidance, advice, and perspectives that deeply connect with people older than them.

The perceptions they share can be truly astonishing and enlightening, leaving others to wonder how someone so young could possess such a DEEP understanding.

Image via Monstera Production

Indigos Are Often Described as Old Souls

The term “old soul” is often used to describe Indigo Children.

It means that despite their age, they carry a sense of wisdom, maturity, and depth, similar to someone who has lived many lives.

They approach life with a certain level of,

  • Calmness
  • Perspective, and
  • A deep understanding of human nature

It doesn’t mean that they are DISCONNECTED from their age group. It just shows how deep and thoughtful they are, bringing intelligent ideas to the table.

Note: Being seen as an old soul means they are good at understanding others, looking deeper into things, and always trying to find meaning in everything.

With all that, let’s wrap up the discussion and move toward the conclusion.


Now you understand clearly what is an Indigo child, right?

Indigo Children are pretty fascinating.

They’re not good at following the usual rules. Instead, they’re independent thinkers who really care about making the world better.

These guys have super creative minds that don’t go along with what everyone says.

Instead, they question things and want to find the real truth – always thinking of ways to improve the world – mini innovators.

What’s really interesting is their strong connection to spirituality. They find comfort and purpose in something beyond just everyday stuff.

So, if you know an Indigo Child or feel a bit like one yourself, embrace it!

Let’s join forces and journey towards a better and more caring world together.

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