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Our emotions are the DIFFERENT COLORS that come together to paint a beautiful picture of our lives.

Sometimes, they are vibrant and joyful, while other times, they can be subdued and melancholic.

Yet, even in the darkest moments, when light throws its toughest challenges at us, there’s something truly remarkable that emerges to give us hope.

We call it a “Rainbow Baby.”

In parenthood, the term “rainbow baby” holds a DEEPER, MORE MEANINGFUL message than its charming name suggests.

But what does this term mean, you might wonder, right?

Today, in this article, we will explain in simple terms what is a rainbow baby and what to expect as a parent of a rainbow baby.

So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

What is a Rainbow Baby?
What is a Rainbow Baby?

What Is a Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby born after a PERIOD of sadness and loss.

Just like a rainbow appears in the sky with its bright colors after a heavy rain, representing hope, beauty, and new beginnings. In the same way, a rainbow baby comes into the world after a previous pregnancy ended sadly, like:

  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth, or
  • Losing a baby

The idea behind the word “rainbow” is to show that even after the most challenging times, there can be moments of happiness and brightness.

What to Expect as the Parent of a Rainbow Baby?

Bringing a rainbow baby into your family is a journey that is both beautiful and challenging.

It’s a path marked by emotions, healing, and figuring things out.

As a parent of a rainbow baby, you can expect a few important things.

These include the following:

Heightened Anxiety During Pregnancy

Subsequent pregnancies after experiencing loss often come with a special SET OF WORRIES.

The fear of facing another loss can darken the joy of a new pregnancy.

Worrying about the baby’s health and well-being can feel overwhelming, and the thought of history repeating itself can weigh heavily on your mind.

All these feelings are completely normal and show how much you care about protecting your child.

Communication is the lifeline during this phase.

  • Regular conversation with your healthcare provider can give you reassurance and help you deal with your worries.
  • Open conversation with your partner can make you feel more emotionally connected and supported.
  • Techniques like deep breathing and meditation, which help you relax, can be very helpful in managing your anxiety.
  • Finding support from other parents who have been through something similar can give you a sense of community and understanding.

By following these strategies, you can have a positive vision while giving birth to a rainbow baby.

Losing a baby can lead to anxiety during the next pregnancy.
Image via Liza Summer

Mixed Emotions

Having a rainbow baby provides you with a mix of feelings, where happiness and sadness come together in ways that might seem confusing at first.

It is because the deep joy of having a new baby is mixed with the sad memories of the baby you lost.

These feelings can be puzzling, but they show how much you love and how complex our hearts can be.

Getting a rainbow baby doesn’t mean the pain of losing a baby before going away.

Instead, it brings back hope.

So, it is totally normal to feel HAPPY when you hold your special rainbow baby and, at the same time, feel SAD about the baby you couldn’t keep.

These feelings exist together, creating a mix of emotions that might be hard to explain, but they are all okay.

Recognizing these emotions helps you understand your journey better and start the healing process.

Image via cottonbro studio

Healing and Coping with Previous Loss

The arrival of a rainbow baby often helps soothe the pain from previous losses.

Even though this new life CANNOT REPLACE the child you lost, it can play a crucial role in helping you heal.

Grief doesn’t have an expiration date, and healing is a personal journey that takes time.

Holding your rainbow baby can make you feel like you are finding closure and starting anew,  giving you a chance to appreciate the delicate beauty of life.

As you continue on this path, coping strategies become your companion.

Some parents find comfort in creating memorials for the child they lost, like:

  • Planting a tree
  • Writing letters, or
  • Crafting keepsakes

You can also use coping strategies to heal with your previous loss.


Sunshine Baby Vs. Rainbow Baby?

A “Sunshine Baby” refers to a baby born before a parent experiences a miscarriage or stillbirth.

On the other hand, a “Rainbow Baby” is born after the parents have pregnancy loss.

It brings hope and happiness after a period of loss.

What Is Double Rainbow Baby?

A “Double Rainbow Baby” is a term used to describe a child born after a couple has experienced two consecutive losses, such as miscarriages or stillbirths.

For parents who have gone through such a heartbreaking loss, the rainbow holds a special meaning.

But when it’s a double rainbow, it represents hope and happiness that comes after having to deal with losing babies more than once.

Are Rainbow Babies Healthy?

Rainbow babies can be healthy, but the loss itself doesn’t determine their health.

Factors like prenatal care, genetics, and maternal health play a role.

It’s essential for expectant mothers to receive proper medical attention and support to increase the chances of a healthy rainbow baby.

We have covered a lot of ground today. Now, it’s time to draw our discussion to a close.


So, what is a rainbow baby? You don’t need to be curious about it now, right?

The rainbow baby is a baby born after a previous pregnancy ended sadly.

But the rainbow babies are quite special as they remind us of a journey filled with ups and downs.

They are the beacons of hope and symbol of courage.

As a parent of the rainbow baby, there are certain things you can expect from yourself, like having mixed feelings.

Listen! Having a rainbow child provides you with feelings of new hope. It gives you the joy of having the new baby while having the sad memories of the baby you lost.

But, indeed, the rainbow baby can heal you to a great extent.

We’d love to hear your experiences and stories about rainbow babies.

Share them with us in the comments below!

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