Types of Toddler Carriers for Travel – 5 Best Types!

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Traveling with a toddler can be something every parent loves.

But sometimes, it is not that simple!

Especially when it is accompanied by the challenge of ensuring their safety, comfort, and mobility.

That challenge can be OVERCOME EASILY with the help of toddler carriers.

These carriers provide a secure and convenient room for your toddler while freeing your hands to manage luggage.

There are several types of toddler carriers designed specifically for travel.

Each type is unique and offers feature suited to different preferences and needs, leading parents to think which one is best among all types of toddler carriers for travel.

In this article, we will discuss all the types of toddler carriers for travel.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s begin!

NOTE: This article is about information on different types of toddler carriers. If you are looking for the best toddler carriers for travel available in the market, you must read this post.

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Types of Toddler Carriers for Travel
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Types of Toddler Carriers for Travel

From structured carriers with comfortable designs to lightweight slings and wraps, there are so many options to choose from.

Let’s discuss some common types of toddler carriers in detail.

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Soft Structured Toddler Carriers

Soft-Structured Carriers (SSCs) are an EXCELLENT CHOICE because of their comfortable design and user-friendly features.

These carriers are designed while keeping the COMFORT of both the parent and the child in mind.

Double Benefit!

They commonly possess padded shoulder straps and waistbands.

The straps and waistbands distribute the WEIGHT EVENLY to prevent burden on the shoulders and back. With that, its friendly design ensures proper positioning of the child’s hips and spine.

One of the significant advantages of SSCs is their flexibility.

They come along with adjustable settings that allow for a customized fit. Additionally, SSCs offer multiple carrying positions, including front, back, and hip carries.

This flexibility allows you to switch between positions based on comfort and preference.

Moreover, SSCs are created with DURABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT materials.

The materials used are often breathable and allow adequate airflow. This keeps both parent and child cool and comfortable, even in warmer climates.

Some renowned brands known for their high-quality SSCs include Ergobaby, Tula Baby Carriers, LÍLLÉbaby, BabyBjörn, and Boba.

Mei Tai Toddler Carriers

Mei Tai carriers originate from Asia. These are the traditional yet flexible style of baby carrier.

Characterized by a square or rectangular body, Mei Tais has four straps: two for the waist and two for the shoulders. This design allows a customizable fit that is adaptable to various body types and preferences.

If we talk about adjustability, the adjustability of Mei Tais ensures both comfort and safety for the child during travel.

Just like other types, the standout feature of Mei Tai carriers is flexibility in their carrying positions.

You can opt for front, back, or hip carries.

From crossing the crowded markets to hiking, this adaptability makes Mei Tai suitable for a wide range of activities during travel.

A significant advantage of Mei Tai carriers is their formation from soft, breathable fabrics. These materials promote airflow and prevent overheating.

This feature is particularly beneficial for travel destinations with hot and humid weather conditions.

Several reputable brands offer Mei Tai carriers.

Brands such as BabyHawk, Infantino, and Catbird Baby are famous in the market for their Mei Tai carrier offerings.

Ring Slings Toddler Carriers

Ring slings – A baby carrier made from a single long fabric threaded through two strong rings.

I know it seems weird, but this design allows for quick and straightforward adjustments. Thus making this type particularly convenient for travel situations where ease of use is vital.

Want to know how to make adjustments to it?

Listen! The fabric is adjusted through the rings to create a secure pouch or hammock-like seat for the child.

The plus point is that this setup enables you to carry your toddler comfortably while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

The compact size and lightweight design make it ideal when space is limited, as it can be folded for easy storage in a backpack.

Additionally, the simplicity of ring slings requires minimum maintenance and can be washed and dried quickly.

Ideal for travel, isn’t it?

They are primarily designed for hip or front carries. The flexibility of the fabric allows you to adjust the sling to your preferred carrying position and easily switch between hip and front carries as needed.

But that is where a little problem comes in: Ring slings are only suitable for short periods of carrying.

So, I don’t recommend it if you are going to have a longer adventure!

Some popular brands known for their quality ring slings include Sakura Bloom, WildBird, Maya Wrap, and LennyLamb.

Wrap Toddler Carriers

Wrap carriers are made from a long piece of fabric to create a secure pouch (toddler carrier) for the child.

Want to know why they are preferable?

These carriers are preferable for their EXCELLENT WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION, which allows for comfortable carrying without too much effort.

Considering this, it is suitable for travel where you may be on the move for extended periods.

However, it’s important to note that wrap carriers can be more complicated than other types. Getting the desired support level through it may require practice with wrapping techniques.

Despite learning, many parents find wrap carriers worth the investment.

These carriers provide flexibility for parents and comfort for toddlers and can be adjusted to accommodate various carrying styles, including front, back, and hip carries.

Some popular brands of wrap carriers include Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, and Solly Baby Wrap.

Frame Backpack Toddler Carriers

Frame backpack carriers offer a structured frame with a built-in seat specially designed to fulfill the needs of adventurous families.

The frame provides stability and support to the toddler. With that frame, carriers typically feature padded shoulder straps and a waist belt.

All these things allow you to carry your toddlers for a longer duration without any problem.

Unlike Ring slings, the design of frame backpacks makes them well-suited for long carrying durations.

But just like the Ring sling carrier, there is a little problem!

While this type offers better support and comfort, they are also bulkier than other carrier types. This bulkiness is a trade-off for the added features and support provided by the structured frame.

Several reputable brands specialize in manufacturing frame backpack carriers. Some famous brand names in this category include Osprey, Deuter, Kelty, Thule, and Ergobaby.

That’s all for today. Now, it’s time to move toward the conclusion.


Best types of toddler carriers for travel!

Toddler carriers available in the market offer various options to accommodate various travel needs. From structured carriers to slings and wraps, each type provides specific preferences.

By carefully reviewing factors such as durability, adjustability, and design, you can confidently choose a toddler carrier that enhances your travel experience.

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